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About The Artist - Terri Schuver
Almost five years ago, a desire for unique garden accessories in my own home landscape me down a path… and now that path is filled with the designs you see on this web site! Our first arts festival proved that lots of other gardens were anxiously awaiting one-of-a-kind artwork. Shortly after that, the artwork moved indoors. Now the collection features as many designs for the inside the home as outside.

Who is Prairie Dance
“We”, who make each and every piece of Prairie Dance art, are two moms that have a first responsibility to our family. You probably won’t find us in the office or in the studio after 3:00 p.m. on school days and we try to arrange our work load such that we can be home during school vacations. We think we have the best of both worlds…flexible time with our family and a career that allows creativity.

In the fall of 2000, we were joined by artist Gary Gaede whose pencil sketches and doodles have inspired several designs. His visits spark our creativity as we sometimes get lost in the world of welding, aging and packaging!

We” also now includes our part-time welder (a shop foreman by day) and part-time craftsman (a retired former highway superintendent that teaches us to use all the tools we don’t know how to use!)

“Me” is Terri Schuver, a textiles and clothing major by education, a retailer and business person for nearly 20 years and a wife and mother of two boys every day. It was the wife and mother part that pushed me to look at a little adventure in a different way. Read on…..

How It All Started
While on vacation with my husband and another couple, my friend and I were attracted to some metal sculptures fashioned from aged metal. The husbands, not relishing the idea of transporting the art home, responded “Well, we can do that.”

I took the men up on their claim and just to give them a little push, committed to a local arts festival a few months away. True, to their word, the husbands were able to help craft the new designs, yet days before the Sidewalk Arts Festival in Sioux Falls, I had nothing to sell. The experiments to age the metal had failed.

Two days before the festival, tired, hot and frustrated we applied a solution of vinegar and water to the sculptures lying in our garage and walked away. Overnight, a combination of elements imparted a patina more unique that any I had seen. Others found it appealing too. The arts festival opened at 9 am: by 9:15 am we had sold out of several designs and Prairie Dance was on its way!

It took us months to figure out just what worked that night, but through trial and error we were able to replicate the process. Today, we’re honored and gratified every time we see one of our pieces gracing a fireplace mantel, near someone’s front door or on a stroll through their garden. We’re also happy to have expanded our design formats such that there is a price for every pocketbook.

We’ve recently moved into a new studio allowing us showroom/gallery space as well as more room for production. We’re enjoying the ability to combine function with the art resulting in furniture as well as mirrors, frames, family message centers and more.

About Our Products
"Fragile" is not a part of our vocabulary. Our products are made of heavy gauge steel and are therefore very sturdy and meant to be enjoyed for many, many years. All pieces can be used indoors or outdoors. There is no reason to remove pieces from your landscape to accommodate seasonal changes - in fact, if you are fortunate enough to enjoy winter, our designs look great against a fresh snow!

Our designs are treated using a simple ecological process that produces unique rusting patterns. Each piece of steel has different characteristics and therefore rusts in it's own unique way. No two pieces will be the same.

Prairie Dance metal art will continue to rust as time passes if left out of doors. Please keep this process in mind when placing metal art in your home and garden. Your Prairie Dance art will become even more beautiful as time goes by, but we don't want your wood deck or favorite rug to be damaged!

Planning on putting your Prairie Dance sculpture outdoors? Want it to look just like it did when you took it out of it's shipping box? Spray it with some additional polyurethane a few times each year. Sun breaks down polyurethane and allows the moisture to come in contact with the steel. Eventually, your sculpture will start to age again...don't worry, it will not rust away...the pieces will be around for a long, long time. Many people choose to let nature take it's course and the steel age naturally. Others choose to preserve the patina by applying additional coats of hardware store variety spray polyurethane a few times each year. How often you spray the piece depends on it's location. Somewhat sheltered and out of the sun, one coat each year may be enough. In full sun and exposed to the elements, you may want to coat three to four times yearly.

Prairie Dance

Products are available at The Our American Heritage Shop

To Order - Call Toll Free 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 - 10 to 5 Eastern Time Tue to Sat or order by fax or

After Hours Please leave a message, your name and a phone number and time when we can call you back

Because of the variation of color in printing and the varying qualities of computer monitors and picture imaging on the web, you should be aware that there will be some color variance from our catalog or computer screen samples to the actual picture.  We have tried to have our web images as exacting as possible to the original product. Pictures are shown without frames for clarity.

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Small Tabletop Heart

The perfect wedding gift! Heart sits atop a sturdy base. Cut outs and a smaller heart add dimension and interest as well as our unique patina. A sculpture full of love!

7"W x 7"H

$ 32.50

In Stock

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Tabletop Dimensional Heart

The perfect wedding gift! Heart sits atop a sturdy base. Cut outs and a smaller heart add dimension and interest as well as our unique patina. A sculpture full of love!

16"W x 16"H

$ 65

Special Order Only

Heart on My Shoulder

Everyone needs someone they love looking over their shoulder. Our new "Heart on My Shoulder" is a great gift for someone you love. A graduate, a spouse, a grandmother….the list goes on and on.

18"H x 13"W

$ 78.50

Special Order Only

Baby Heart

It was time to share a little love - and expand our heart collection! This simple heart combination is appropriate for so many occasions…especially a new addition to the family

12"H x 8.5"W

$ 63.50

Special Order Only

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)


Jack's Garden Art Snail Sculpture - Jack's (my seven year old son) snail sculpture is the perfect, friendly addition to your garden landscape. The smile on his face hints that maybe there is something to taking life at a more leisurely pace. The snail sculpture measures approximately 36" wide and 27" high and sits on a removable rectangular base for ease in storing and shipping

$ 218.50

Special Order Only

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Jack's Snail

Yes this really is my seven year old's version of a snail. I didn't change a thing except the medium...he prefers acrylic paint and I use steel!!! The tabletop version measures 11.5" wide by 8" high. Made of 12 gauge steel on a small rectangular base

11"W x 8"H

$ 59.50

Special Order Only

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Giant Halo Angel

On A Pedestal

Make at statement for your home

33" W x 33" H

$ 325

One in Stock

Order 2 for $ 590

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Flying Angel on a pedestal

Your very own guardian angel….or must you give it as a gift? Maybe you should order two! Both of our angels are best sellers and appropriate for year round use. 16"W x 8"H

$ 64.50

Special Order Only


Collectible Flying Angel

A smaller version of our tabletop flying angel. This piece measures 6" wide and adds a heavenly touch to the smallest of spaces....bathroom counters, bedroom dressers and more!
8"W x 6"H

$ 42

Special Order Only

Please remember

We ship Fed Ex Ground

Shipping charges are calculated by package size, weight and distance.

Sales tax is only charged for items delivered in Pennsylvania

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Halo Angel - On A Pedestal

Our angels are some of our most popular designs and we sell them year round. Great gifts for confirmation, new baby girls and of course during the holidays! We call this one our "halo" angel

12" W x 12" H

$ 75

Special Order Only

Collectible Halo Angel

The smallest version of our Halo Angel measures 6" x 6". A lovely accent on a dresser, desk or bath vanity

6"W x 6"H

$ 42

Special Order Only

To Order - Call Toll Free 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 - 10 to 5 Eastern Time Tue to Sat or order by fax or

After Hours Please leave a message, your name and a phone number and time when we can call you back


Pictured on the right, Chill is one of our new holiday décor items. Softly sparkling with extra fine twinkles, these ship with slate, rust and pale blue ribbons. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! The Frost ornament is pictured on the left. And last but not least, pictured in the middle, is Freeze. Use these snowflakes either hanging or with our ornaments stands on your mantle for a sparkly winter wonderland look

14"W x 14"H

$ 48.88

"Freeze" Style in Stock

(shown in middle)

Order 3 for $ 133

Other Styles - Special Order


Steel ornaments

 Cut from lightweight steel and aged with our unique patina, these ornaments bring the holiday decorating to a new scale. Each ships with a wide luscious satin bow in assorted colors. Available in two sizes, assorted designs

24"Wide - $ 74.50

In Stock

Both Shapes

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Star of David

The Star of David is one of the strongest symbols of the Jewish people. Our Prairie Dance Star of David is made of sturdy steel and finished with our unique hand applied patina. Beautiful on it's own or with the smaller version in an arrangement

Small (right) 12"H x 9"W

$ 39.50

Sorry - Sold Out

Large (left) 17"H x 13.5"W

$ 68.50

Both Special Order Only

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Prairie Dance Angel - tabletop

Simply beautiful! This piece is cut from 1/2" plate steel making it a handsome addition to your home décor. Measures 9"W x 8"

$ 55

Special Order Only

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Reindeer - Tabletoppad

Complete with jingle bells, our reindeer adds the perfect holiday touch to your mantle arrangement or centerpiece. The natural patina finish makes each "Rudolph" unique. Jingle bells included!

 18" W x 14" H

$ 76.50

In Stock

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Tabletop Pencil Trees

During the holidays or in your woodsy decor, these trees add tremendous sculpture to your home. Available in seven different sizes to mix and match.

18"High - $ 54.50

23"High - $ 68.50 Sold

Sizes Below are Special Order

32"High - $ 135.00

40"High - $ 168.00

48"High - $ 225.00

60"High - $ 255.00

72"High - $ 315.00

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Holiday Wreath

Happy holly days from all of to all of you! Our wreath comes ready to hang on your front door, above your fireplace or outside the entry way. Holly leaves, berries and a nice big bow create dimension and interest

17"Wide - $ 128.50

Sorry - Sold

Can Special Order

32"Wide - $ 213.50

Order 2 for $ 388

Special Order Only

Saint Nicholas

Tall and graceful, St. Nick is a wonderful way to add height to your holiday mantle or buffet. Ships as pictured with snowflake magnet

23"H x 8"W - $ 119.50

Special Order Only

Mantel Stocking Holder

Ornament stocking holder, ships with assorted color ribbon. Fill 'em up, this holder won't tip over

6"W x 7"W

$ 54.50 ea

Sorry - Sold Out

To Order - Call Toll Free 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 - 10 to 5 Eastern Time Tue to Sat or order by fax or

After Hours Please leave a message, your name and a phone number and time when we can call you back

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Tabletop Ghost

padThis ghost is more on the friendly side than the ghostly side.  Tabletop ghost measures

14"H x 11.5"W

$ 64.50

Sorry - Sold

Will Special Order

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Tabletop "Brady" Pumpkin

The patina on our sculptures is absolutely perfect for this time of year. Add a set of pumpkins to the front step, a window ledge or your mantle. This one comes on a base and measures

11.5"H x 16"W

$ 68.50

Sorry - Sold

Will Special Order

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Tabletop Snowman

Our most popular design sized for your coffee table or fireplace mantle. Cut out for his eyes, mouth and buttons resemble lumps of coal. A cheery addition to your winter décor

13"H x 9"W

$ 68.50

In Stock

Have One

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Medium Frosty


$ 136.50

In Stock

Have One

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

"Jack" Tabletop Pumpkin

One of two pumpkins for the fall season. Drawing and carving with my own little "pumpkins" ages four and seven inspired this collection. Use as a center piece by adding corn, apples, etc. Measures 16"H x 15"W

$ 76

In Stock

Tabletop Cat (on right)

not just for Halloween of course, this cat is the perfect gift for cat lovers. Fat and sly with a smirk. Measures 10.5"H x 8"W.

$ 66

In Stock

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Magnet Board

 A great way to help organize the family or display your favorite photos. Multiple hangers allow the magnet board to be hung either horizontally or vertically. Measures 20" x 15"

$ 88.50

In Stock

Includes 3 Magnets as Shown


Lurkey the Turkey

16"h x 16"w

$ 93.50

Will Special Order

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Snowman Sculpture

Our “Frosty” is a show stopper! Everyone loves this dimensional snowman that will last for years and years! Made of steel with our unique patina, he features a dimensional carrot nose and buttons. He’s strong enough to weather South Dakota winds and winters, so don’t be afraid to put him outside all winter long. The base (24” x 21”) is removable for convenience in shipping and storage.

48"H x 34"W

$ 383.50

Special Order Only

To Order - Call Toll Free 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 - 10 to 5 Eastern Time Tue to Sat or order by fax or

After Hours Please leave a message, your name and a phone number and time when we can call you back

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