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Santa's of the World

Hand made by Kay Bryant



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Ukrainian Lacquer

 Boxes & Plates

Russian Gzhel Porcelain

Russian Father Frost (Santa)

Russian Majolica

Russian Nesting Dolls

Polish Christmas Stoneware

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

From Poland

Hand Painted Ornaments

Pillars of Heaven Nativity

Kim Lawrence

Jim Shore Nativities

Holiday Wreaths

Autumn Wreaths

Antique Sugar Molds

Candle Holders

Belsnickel Sleigh Bells

 Door Bells in Real Antique

Style Solid Musical Brass

Choose 2 to 15 Bells

Real Leather, Amish Made in PA

Belsnickel Sleigh Bell Door

 Charms in Single, 3 or 6 Bell

Belsnickel Sleigh Bells

 Door Bells in Plated or Real

 Brass or Chrome

Style Solid Musical Brass

Pewter Ornaments

Boyds Bears Large

Limited Edition Nativity

Kim Lawrence Nativity

Jim Shore Limited Edition

Boyds Bears

Boyds Bears Plush

Limited Edition Holy Family

Boyds Bear Bearstone

Small Nativity Limited Edition

Big Sky Nativities

Disney by Jim Shore

Russian Father Frost

Kim Lawrence Crosses

Big Sky Carvers Wedding Couple Figurine

Bearfoots by Big Sky

Old World Disney

Mooses from Big Sky

Heart Gifts - Teresa Thibault

Winnie the Pooh Porcelain

Doggie Stuff

Tom Panetta's Krisnick

Kitras Glass

Meadowbrooke Gourds

Prairie Dance Sculptures

Jim Shore Angels

Old World Santas

Kay Bryant

Christmas Ornaments

August Moon Characters

Kathy Taylor's

 Mule Barn Gourds

August Moon Angelwings

Home Grown Veggie Animals


Picture Frames

Jim Shore Santas PG 1

Big Sky Carvers Christmas

Russian Nesting Dolls

August Moon Halloween

Bethany Lowe Halloween

Jim Shore Nursery Rhyme

Meadowbrooke Gourds

Ned Young Figures

August Moon Tinware

(Hang or has garden stake)

Jim Shore Disney

Jim Shore Disney

Bearington Bears

Disney Classics

Karen Hahn Angels


Comic & Curious Cats

Linda Jane Smith

"D" is for Dog

"C" is for Cat

Ned Young

Jim Shore Thanksgiving

Jim Shore Animals

Home Accents

David Eldreth

Redware & Salt Glaze Pottery

Keepers of the Light

Plate & Bowl Stands-Racks

Carol Enders

Warren Kimble Art

Bonnie Grilli Art

Brandywine School of Art


Other Stuff

Polish Stoneware

Geribi - Deruta Italian

Bread Boards

Edge Grain Cutting Boards

Pewter Spoon & Cup Sets

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Old World Santas Featuring Dress and Ornamentation from Around the World

All Hand Made with Natural Materials - Made in Pennsylvania

To Order Stoneware - Call 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 between 10-5 Eastern Time Mon to Sat or order by fax

The finish and colors of these samples, as shown on our website, show approximate colors.   Because of the variation of coloring in digital photographing, and the varying qualities of computer monitors, you should be aware that there may be some color variance from these screen samples to the actual finish sample.  We have tried to eliminate as many variables as possible to try to produce colors and shades as close to the original as possible.

Old World Santas



Christmas celebrations in Poland are known as "Gwizdka" or "Little Star".  Traditionally stars are used to decorate and were made of straw and /or goose feathers and fastened with candle wax.  A Christmas Eve supper was timed with the breaking of the bread when the first stars appeared.

12" W x 44"H

$ 185

In Stock


La Befana

Christmas is considered a sacred holiday in Italy.  The tradition of gift giving occurs on January 6th,  the "Little Christmas"  or feast of the Epiphany.  La Befana means "Epiphany of the Gift Giver".  In Italy this day is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

12" W x 44"H

$ 185

In Stock


Pere Noel

The feast following midnight Mass on Christmas is when "Pere Noel" appears.   Children line up their shoes and he fills them with sweets.  Sabots are the traditional wooden shoes that were worn.

12" W x 44"H

$ 185

In Stock



Chef Santa

For your favorite cook

12" W x 44"H

$ 185

In Stock





Primitive Santa

Patch work quilt jacket

12" W x 44"H

$ 185

Sorry - Sold






To Order Stoneware - Call 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 between 10-5 Eastern Time Mon to Sat or order by fax

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