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Commemorative Gifts

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Nursing Schools

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Paperweights - Pictures

Mirrors, Jewelry - Desk


Kitras Trees of Inspirations

Luke Adams Glass Hearts

Stained Glass Panels

Janette Kennedy

Cats of Glass

Kitras Trees

Life's Pathways

Serviente Folded Glass

Kitras Birthday Wish Balls

Prima Donna Glass Trays

Kitras Trees of Enchantment

Luke Adams Pumpkins

Anchor Bend Glass

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Randi Solin Glass

Perfume Bottles

Kitras Witch Balls

Calico / Friendship Balls

Kitras Garden Toadstools

Luke Adams Glass Twists

Van Glow Disks

Kitras Fairy Orbs

Christmas Tree Platter

Snow Flake Platter

Valentine Red Heart

Calico Friendship Hearts

Luke Adams Glass Crosses

Stars or Starfish

Luke Adams Glass Stars

Fish Ornaments

Carlson's Art Glass

Carlson's Art Glass

Spirit Ball - 12"

Gazing Ball w/Stand

Art Nouveau Oil Lamps

Kitras Fairy Orb Oil Lamps

Van Glow Oil Lamps

Kitras Seasons Oil Lamps

Stands & Holders

from Kitras Glass

Solar Garden / Walkway Lights

Garden Spires

Candle Bowls - 2 Sizes

Calico Oval & Round Vases

Vases - Classic Urn

Hand Etched Glassware

Romanian Glassware

Open Stock Wine & Cocktail

Glassware - Made in USA

Jaguar Custom

Etched Glassware

Romeo Custom Glassware

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After Hours Please leave a message, your name and a phone number and time when we can call you back

Anchor Bend Glassworks is a dynamic, art glass company based in the heart of Newport, Rhode Island, one of New England's premier destinations. Conceived as a dream shared among friends ten years ago, divergent paths have once again converged to create a renewed artistic vision.

Anchor Bend Glassworks is the confluence of four uniquely talented glass artists, each contributing a range of life, business, and art expertise to the collaboration.
The mission of Anchor Bend Glassworks is to infuse traditional art glass production with the vitality and originality that is demanded by contemporary consumers.

Highly trained in traditional glassblowing techniques, the partnership has over 40 combined years of creative experience in the hot glass studio. All have apprenticed under a selection of achieved glassblowers throughout the country.

Anchor Bend Glassworks delivers up-scale, decorative, quality art glass products in a variety of configurations.

Small Sailboat - Approx 10"H x 8"W - $ 168  (In Stock)

Large Sailboat - Approx 13"H x 10"W - $ 233 (Special Order - Allow 1 Week)


The Wave - See Below

Note: The Hearts below may

be engraved


Justin James Tardducci has a BFA studied conceptual art in the prestigious glass program at the Rhode Island School of Design. His training involves working with many other talented glass artists including Michael Shiner, Tom Farbanish, and Boyd Sugiki. Justin Tarducciís personal style has evolved from years of factory production and intensive academic training. Justinís original blown lamps can be seen at Alma, a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

Timothy Underwood: An accomplished conceptual glass artist and a veteran of numerous craft shows. Technically proficient, Timís style has evolved through intensive hands-on studio experience. Years as production gaffer have honed his managerial skills. His hot shop exposure includes working with Karen Willenbrink, Marc Weiner, Tom Farbanish, and Matthew Buechner. His original work can be seen in Rhode Island, and New Hampshire

Michael James Richardson has a BFA from St. Michaelís College in Vermont. Skilled marketing and studio manager. 12 years of intensive exposure in the glass industry has provided thorough knowledge in all production support systems. Michaelís training includes working with established artists like Alan Goldfarb, Matthew Buechner, and Chris Watts

Angel Heart Ornament

(Red with clear wings)

Devil Heart Ornament

 (Red with black horns and tail)

3.5" to 4"wide

Your Choice $ 38.50 each

(Limited Edition)

Regular Heart Ornaments

Regular Heart Ornaments

3.5" to 4"wide

$ 38.50 each


"The Wave"

Extra Large - Approx 6.5"H x 6"W - $ 248.50

Special Order Only - Allow 2 Weeks

Large - Approx 5"H x 5"W - $ 113 (In Stock)

Medium - Approx 4"H x 4"W - $ 91 (Special Order - Allow 1 Wk)

Small - Approx 3"H x 3"W - $ 45 (Special Order - Allow 1 Wk)

Each Wave contains a core coloration that blends 4 different tones

of blue glass and is accented with white glass powder

Christmas Trees  (New Style - Either All Green or Clear)

Note: Anchor Bend has revised their Christmas Trees

New Style Available in All Green or Crystal Clear

Large - Approx 9" Tall - $ 63.50

Small - Approx 6.5" Tall - $ 46.50

"The Pineapple"

 Approx 5"H x 3"W - $ 63.50 (Limited Edition)

Large Pineapple 8"H x 5"W - $ 144

Seascape Bowl - 13"Wide x 3"High - $ 383

(Other Sizes Available - Call)

Stunning mosaic glass sculpture combines multiple production<

 techniques. Each mosaic section is hand made and assembled

together for the fusing process

Large Pineapple 8"H x 5"W - $ 144

To Order - Call Toll Free 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 - 10 to 5 Eastern Time Tue to Sat or order by fax or

After Hours Please leave a message, your name and a phone number and time when we can call you back

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