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Rowe Pottery Works Products for 2014

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Accessories - Table

Polish Stoneware

Terre`e Provence

Nicholas Mosse

Geribi - Deruta Italian

Round Platter

Italian Style Ceramic pottery

Italian Style Ceramic pottery

Alentejo Flowers Stoneware

SUD of Provence

Donna Toohey

Chesapeake Bay Pottery

Product Picture


Polish Stoneware

Wiza Polish Stoneware

Cruz Spanish Stoneware

Portuguese Stoneware

American Colonial Pewter

Made from Historic Molds

Crosby & Taylor

 Garlic & Salt / Sugar Pots

Also Matching Canisters

(by the Tin Woodsman Pewter Company)

Redware Pottery

- Lancaster PA

Rowe Historical

Salt Glaze Pottery

Crosby & Taylor Canisters

(by the Tin Woodsman Pewter Company)

River Hill Pottery

Woven Pottery - Bakeware

Deb Stabley Pottery

SJ Redware

Catherine Hunter

Les Poules

Steininger Potters Limited

David Smith Turtle Creek

Redware Pottery

Fine Furniture Crafted in

Cherry, Maple or Oak

David Smith Turtle Creek

Table Lamps

Hand Turned Ceiling Fixtures

Wrought Iron


Martin's Winsor Chairs

Fine Furniture & Kitchens

by Terry "Chip" Starner

Amish Farm & Harvest Tables

Cotton & Wool Braided Rugs

Oval, Rectangular, Round, Square

Woven Jute Rugs

Stain Proof Indoor / Outdoor

Braided Rugs

Oval, Rectangular, Round, Square

Dimension 4 TV Consoles

 Furniture - Sofas - Chairs - More

Mount Pleasant Woodworks

Specializing in Entertainment Units

Oak - Maple - Cherry

Antique Sugar Molds

Garnier Decorative Cushions

Garnier Linens

Table - Kitchen - Bed

Ulster Fine Irish Linens

Ashleigh Manor Classic Frames

Italian Fashion Wooden

Picture Frames

Pewter Picture Frames

Hand Crafted Ashleigh-Manor

Choose from 300+ Styles

Silver Picture Frames - Italian

Glass Serving Trays

Peggy Karr Glass

Fused Glass Serveware

Romanian Glassware

Hand Crafted Stemware

Hand Etched Glassware

Open Stock Wine & Cocktail

Glassware - Made in USA

Trays and Coasters

French Paper Dinner Napkins

French Tea Trays

Paper Lunch / Cocktail Napkins

French Leaves

Accessories - Kitchen


French Table Serveware

Bread & Cheese Boards

Walnut, Mesquite, Cherry, Maple

With Turquoise Inlay

Professional Chopping

Edge Grain Cutting Boards


Pewter Spoon & Cup Sets

Paula Deen

Shaker Style

Cherry Wood Bowls

Made from Recycled Cherry

Also Black Walnut Bowls

Basic Spirit Pewter

Measuring Spoon Sets

Turquoise Inlaid Salad Bowls

Plate Racks

Plate & Bowl Stands

Pewter Wine Stoppers

Glass Cutting & Cheese Boards

Tin Woodsman

Pewter Salad Hands & Tossers

Mesquite Salad Hands & Tossers

with Turquoise Inlay

Wall Clocks

Children's Wall Clocks

Battery Operated - Made in USA

Amish Speeder Wagons

15 Styles, 4 Colors

Packed Flat to Ship by UPS


Susan Shaw

Certified Polish  Amber

Roman Glass

Southwest Turquoise

Animal Bracelets

Cats, Dogs & Bunnies

Stretch Fun Bracelets

Sergio Lub Copper Bracelets

Zero Gravity

Dichroic Glass Necklace

Home Accents

Keepers of the Light

Jar Candles in 3 Sizes

Carol Endres

Downeast 3 Wick Candles

Pillars & Taper Candles

Hand Dipped Amish Made

in Lancaster PA

Hand Made Beeswax

Candles - Tapers - Pillars

Warren Kimble Art

Bonnie Grilli Primitive Art

All Originals - Signed

Brandywine School of Art

Limited Signed Giclee Prints

Art Work by Barbara Grant

Heartworks - Lori Craig

Hand Painted AKC Dogs

Have Breed Traits on Picture

John DeAmicis - Originals

Pam Warden Art Works

Sandra Somers Pictures

Gatski Metalworks

Kitras Glass

Tree of Enchantment Globes, Birthday Wish Balls, More

Luke Adams Glass Hearts

Stained Glass Panels

Janette Kennedy

Cats of Glass

Kitras Oil Lamps

Hand Etched Glassware

Hand Formed Glass

Handkerchief Vase

Prairie Dance Sculptures

Carruth Sculptures

For Gardens or Indoor - Hang/Sit

Jim Shore Figurines

"D" is for Dog

"C" is for Cat

by Ned Young

Other Stuff
Plate Racks & Stands


Boyds Plush Bears

Jim Shore Disney

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To Order this Beautiful Stoneware - Call 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 between 10-6 Eastern Time Mon to Sat

Because all of Rowe Pottery products are handmade, you will not find the consistency of machine made, production-line products. The size and shape of a piece will vary and the individual decorator who creates your piece will influence the pattern. Throwing ridges created by the potter's hand as it turns on the wheel, brown flashings created in the kiln where two pots "kiss" each other all add to the character and uniqueness of your particular piece. These are inherent traits of salt glaze stoneware and make each piece a joy for you and generations to come.

Early Americans cherished their stoneware for its durability in oven and hearth. Crocks, jars and jugs had to withstand daily use and perform equally well in extreme hot and cold temperatures. Today we enjoy authentic salt glaze for the same reasons.  It's 100% food safe and use it in the oven, microwave and is dishwasher safe.

Rowe Pottery is handmade with pride just like it was 150 years ago.

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Historical 2014

Yellow Ware Pitcher

From Historical 2013 Collection

(Still Available)

Garden Flower & Plant Pots

Hand Thrown

Historical 2013

Sold Out

Historical 2012

All Pieces Available

Salt Glazed Items

Wrought Iron Hand Forged Pot Racks


Historical 2011

Two Pieces Available

Historical 2009

Sold Out

Historical 2010

One Piece Available


Click on the Pictures Below to View

Sandstone Collection

(Sorry Discontinued)

Avignon Collection

Provincial Collection

2008 Historical Collection

Sold Out

2007 Historical Collection

Two Pieces Available

Sold Out


Limited Edition Collection

One Piece Available


Historical Collection

Sold Out


Historical Collection

One Piece Available

Albany Slip

Historical Limited Editions

Discontinued - No Longer Available

2003 Historical Collection

Sold Out


Salt Glaze Collection



Salt Glazed Lamps

Avignon Collection


Note: The Past Years' Historical Collections are provided for your information, most prior years products are sold out and no longer available
See Our Selection of Plate Hangers & Racks - Includes Plate & Bowl Stands

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