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Historical Collection 2005

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Sorry - All Sold - Page Provided for Customer Infomation Only

American Classics - Colonial Salt Glaze


See Below for description & pricing

These Pieces were Limited to production until Dec 31st, 2005

and are no long made

The New York Pitcher & Low Bowl - $ 149.50

Sorry - Gone

Pitcher is 1 Gallon, 10.5"H, Bowl is 14"W x 3.5"H

The pitcher in varied forms was one of the few shapes in stoneware designed for tableware use. When paired with a pitcher, the bowl, or basin, was used for washing in the privacy of the bed or bath chamber in a time when running water was a luxury

Customers -   To order these items please call us 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151

The Small Ovoid Jar 7.75"h x 6.5"w

 (on the left in the picture)
Used widely during the mid-19th century, these jars were commonly used to a variety of goods including meats preserved in dry salt, lard, pickles, and fruit butters produced in large quantities.


Sorry -  Sold OUT

The Large Ovoid Jar 10.75"h x 9.5"w (in the center in the picture) -

Sorry -  Sold OUT


Molasses Jug  1.75 Quarts 7.25"h x 5.25"w (on the right in picture)  Sold Out

Molasses Jug is Sold Out - No Longer Available

Used to hold the standard sweetener of the 19th century, the molasses jug held bulk quantities of the sweet, sticky semi-liquid. These and other jugs helped create a musical phenomenon of the late 19th and early 20th centuries known as “jug bands”. The jug was also known as "the poor man’s tuba."


Southern Candlesticks

Set of 3 in 6", 7.5" & 9" heights -

Sold Out - No Longer Available

Candlesticks made in stoneware were extremely rare. These candlesticks, inspired by a southern influence graced the tables of the growing middle class, providing an affordable, yet simple elegance to the 19th century home


Inkwell - 4"w x 2.5"h

Sold Out - No Longer Available

Perhaps used by our founding fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence, the stoneware inkwell was an essential part of written communications before giving way to glass and porcelain models in the 1850’s. Comes with feather and instructions to make a genuine quill pen.



Customers - Please Note these items are limited availability products and will only be crafted for a short time

To Order - Call Toll Free 866-884-3299 or 610-695-8151 - 10 to 5 Eastern Time Tue to Sat or order by fax or

After Hours Please leave a message, your name and a phone number and time when we can call you back

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