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Ceramika Artystyczna

Meet Signature Artist Kinga Nizialek

Courtesy of Ceramika Artystyczna

This artist has been connected with Ceramika Artystyczna Co-operative since 2001, since 2003 she has been a Signature Artist and pattern designer.

Quote - "One picture or symbol means more than a thousand words. This is why my patterns are transparent and simple, based on the rule of reflecting reality. Since I serve meals in pottery myself, I hate when a dish becomes pale and weak in an overly painted vessel. The food and the vessel should be complementary. So, it is my surrounding that I use as inspiration for creating new patterns: a leaf on the street, sunflowers in the field, or a cloud drifting through the skies. In a pottery dish or a bowl I attempt to preserve a passing moment or impressions. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and memorable feelings. Swans floating in water or two lovers in a park are a perfect reference to the works of the largest ceramics and pottery manufacturers. Yet not everybody likes rich patterns or floral motives. So, in order to satisfy those who prefer simplicity, I use geometrical patterns in my works too"

Samples of Kinga Nizialek's Work (Click on image to enlarge)

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