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Rowe Salt Glazed Pottery

What is it and who makes it?

The beginning of Rowe Pottery Works

Rowe Pottery Works was established in 1975 in Cambridge, Wisconsin. In the late 1970s, as a two-person pottery studio and shop, sales were made through art fairs and the studio showroom.  Jim Rowe did the pottery production on the potter's wheel and the pots were fired in the brick kiln out behind the small workshop.

Interest in collecting antique cobalt blue decorated salt glaze crocks and jugs was the inspiration to change the studio's pottery product line in early 1980. Rowe Pottery went from making Jim's personal pottery style of salt glaze to museum quality reproductions of Early American crocks and jugs. The value of early crockery was skyrocketing and quality adaptations of the early designs were not available. 

Rowe, making salt glaze pottery in his studio for years, knew many of the secrets of this type of production. The American country home decorating movement provided an eager customer base to grow the studio into a viable business. Today, Rowe Pottery Works makes several styles of pottery including the ever-popular salt glaze stoneware in addition to hand-wrought ironware home accessories which were added to the company's product offerings in the late 1980s.

Learn how Rowe Pottery is made

Made by hand, our pottery represents the work of potters and decorators.  Learn about their unique contributions to each piece.

Exactly the same, but different

Decorators Holly Middleton and Heidi Rudnitski have been members of the Rowe Pottery Works family for more than five years.  While being twins often gets them lots of attention, we appreciate the differences they bring to their jobs.  Just like our pottery, they appear to be the same at first glance, but after closer inspection, you can see the subtle differences in their personalities.
  Each piece of pottery we craft at Rowe Pottery Works is decorated to match the pattern before it, but we take pride in the little differences.  After all, the differences are what make each of us unique.   Each piece of handmade Rowe Pottery includes the potter's and decorator's mark, a signature in the form of a small personal monogram they've used for years to identify their work.

  Decorator's Marks  
Maria E. Chase   Annie Morrison
Erin Kelly Dorn   Jean Radke
Lore Larson   Lisa Roedl
Diane Luginbuhl   Heidi Rudnitski
Holly Middleton   Sandy Swanson
Annessa Martin   Cheri Trick

It's not the hat that matters

Roy Marsden has been a potter at Rowe Pottery Works for more than 18 years.  He is affectionately recognized as the potter who loves to stir things up.  Wearing different hats and other clothing accessories has become his trademark.
Roy may be labeled as the eccentric guy - there's one in every bunch, but his skill as a potter is what really matters.  To become a Rowe Pottery Works potter, it takes years of developing your throwing techniques and finishing skills.  Roy demonstrates that every time he takes a lump of clay and turns it into a work of art.  Look for his marks on your pottery, and think to yourself "I wonder what kind of hat Roy was wearing that day?"

Potter's Marks
Glen Cutcher   Roy Marsden
Dan Derrickson   Paul McVicker
Eric Ellefson   Ken Nekola
Craig Kitzman   Jedd Peters
Ric Lamore   Jim Rowe
Ryan Lawless   John Tiller
David Landre      

Our potters come in all shapes and sizes

When we imagine new pottery designs to add to our collection, we often think of which potter will make it.  Like our pottery, our potters come in all shapes and sizes. A potter's experience and size can often determine which products make it to our catalog.  If it is a large piece, we need a pottery like Jedd, who has strength and height.  Smaller pieces might require someone with small hands, like MaryBeth, who made our popular miniatures. Assessing the talents of each of our potters creates the well-rounded collection we showcase on our web site.  Look for Jedd's marks on some of our larger pieces.

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